Typical Sorrento Dishes

The culinary tradition of Sorrento stands out for respecting quality and authenticity, giving unique and inimitable tastes.

Sorrento has also developed a culinary art offer, based on quality, authenticity and
originality: learning these “secrets” allowed it to become a successful tourist place in the world.

So, the Sirens Land has developed a food service whose offer ranges from the typical local cooking art to nouvelle cuisine, passing from the Mediterranean cooking until the international one.

Not by chance over the years Sorrento and peninsula have changed into the gourmet’s kingdom and today have lots of “starred” restaurants recommended by the most famous
international guides.

Besides these, there are also historic restaurants, suggestive pizzerias and simple, but typical trattorias.

There is an extended choice of places where cooking is a real art and where you can taste flavours able to excite anyone.

In fact, each corner of Sorrento is full of surprises and tastes able to satisfy any gourmet.

Seafood specialities lovers will satisfy their taste eating salads, fries and grills.

On the other hand, those who prefer farming cooking could taste courses prepared with absolutely natural ingredients and they are often the result of a highly local production, based on high qualities properties and protected by special awards.

The food and wine of Sorrento Peninsula, in fact, collects the heritage of a very generous nature, allowing it to boast the uniqueness and the quality of lemons, walnuts, tomatoes, extra virgin oil, cheeses, wines and limoncello.

Raw materials, unequalled in tastes and appearance, are combined with skilful production and a cooking able to follow the rhythms of the seasons and the events of the year, like the products of the earth.

There are some typical local courses that are particularly fascinating still today, despite their

Among all the famous Gnocchi “alla Sorrentina” stands out as well as the escalope.

In fact, in order to be cooked “alla sorrentina” these courses need the use of local products: peeled tomatoes (strictly from the plantations of the area), mozzarella (from the nearby Lattari Mountains) and parmesan.

The addition of basil to the first courses and that of parsley and/or oregano to the second
courses intensifies the aroma and the quality of unique tastes and flavours.

Anyway, among the typical local courses, seafood specialties cannot be missed, playing the part of “specialty” main course.

These are certainly the most popular delicacies for good food overs and the most famous are: spaghetti with clams, mussel soutè, seafood risotto, fishes “all’acqua pazza” and each kind of fried foods (without considering the many original variants).

This food is able to delight anyone and to make Sorrento Peninsula famous as a land where every sensorial skill is exceptionally caught in an unforgettable whirl of delights.