matrimoni in Villa Fiorentino

Get Married in Villa Fiorentino

Every year more and more couples dream of saying the fateful “Yes I do!” on the Sorrento coast.

Both foreign or Italian, therefore, getting married in Sorrento is ever more in vogue and Villa Fiorentino is certainly a popular location for those who would like to declare eternal love.

In fact, here, with the authorization of Sorrento town hall, the celebration of various civil marriage with legal value is allowed, as well as the celebration of symbolic marriage.

This last ceremony, originated from USA, attracts more and more approvals also in Italy and is perfect for those who would like to prove love through a symbol, independently opting for the celebrant and personalizing the speeches, the promises and even the music.

From spring to autumn, in fact, the garden of Villa Fiorentino is the perfect setting for the newlyweds together with their friends and relatives.

And not only that: in case of bad weather or in winter, the celebration can take place inside one of the rooms of the Villa.

Whether you would a simple ceremony or only refreshments, the staff of Villa Fiorentino will satisfy all requests of the spouses by providing proficiency, professionalism and enthusiasm.

Requirements for Civil marriage:

  • For Italian citizens: valid identity document.
  • For foreign citizens: valid passport; No Impediment certificate to marriage (released by the Consulate or Embassy of your State in Italy) specifying: surname and name, place and date of birth, paternity and maternity, residence, citizenship and marital status. The signature on the no impediment document must be legalised at the competence Prefecture, except for the countries compliant with the Hague convention (5/10/1961).

For citizens from the countries compliant with the Munich Convention (5/9/1980), a certificate of marriage capacity is required.

For any information, contact the registry office of the town hall of Sorrento.

Tel. +39 081/5335254

Fax +39 081/8781043


Requirements for Civil Uninon:

The civil union request must be presented simultaneously by two adults of the same sex to the Civil Status Registrar in the town hall chosen by them.

The request, written on plain paper, must be presented personally by both parties directly to the registrar upon appointment.

It’s not possible to send it by post, fax, email/PEC or by proxy.

If one or both parties can’t go to the town hall due to infirmity or other proven impediment, the Civil Status Registrar must move to the place where the party (or parties) prevented from getting the request.

Clearly, the place must be in the municipal area of the competent office, otherwise the application must be requested to the competent town hall of the area.

The request must specify the choice of the marital agreement (separation or union of assets) and of a common surname; both information must be written in the minutes constituting the civil union.

In case of foreign citizens, they must show the No Impediment Certificate for civil union released by the competent foreign authority (foreign consulate in Italy).

At the submitting of the request, the Civil Status Registrar will write a report in which the date and the time for the constitution of the civil union must be celebrated.

This date can’t be previous than 15 days from the date of submission of the request. In the 15 days after the request, the Civil Status Registrar will verify, provided by law, the declarations of the applicants and that there are no impediments to the union.

Any corrections or additions must be formally requested to the involved parties. The civil union is established in the presence of the Civil State Registrar.

If the involved parties, or even just one of them, are not present on the established day and time for the declaration, the proceedings will be cancelled and the declaration can’t continue unless a new procedure is started.

The declaration of constitution of the civil union must take place on the established date and time, in the presence of two best men (one for each person who must be communicated in advance to the Civil Registrar) and in the town hall.

Who to contact and where to go:

People interested in celebrating a civil union in the town hall of Sorrento can contact the Civil Status Register at the following addresses:


Tel. +39 081/5335254

Fax: +39 081/8781043

Requirements for symbolic marriage:

Having no legal value, the symbolic ceremony can be celebrated both to enhance the civil marriage and in total autonomy ( always after having signed to the Town hall).

As for the support to religious marriage, since some symbolic rites of pagan origin, the ideal is to celebrate the marriage first in the church and then prepare a wedding in a different place.

Anyway, to make the union legal in all respects, the couple must necessarily carry out the procedure provided by Italian law to get civil marriage.