Sorrento Walnuts

The walnuts are one of the most important delights offered by nature of Sorrento Peninsula and, thanks to them, Sorrento was famous since ancient times.

In fact, the proves given by the archaeological ruins of Pompei and Herculaneum tell us that walnuts were already harvested and appreciated by the Ancient Romans.

The ancestral connection between the walnuts and the Sirens Land could also be explained by the name of some places of the peninsula: in fact, some people think that the ancient “Caruotto” (the current Piano di Sorrento) must its name to the Greek word “Karuon” which
means “walnut”.

Different meanings are given to this fruit, such as wealth and prosperity: in ancient time were thrown to the spouses (instead of rice) as a sign of good luck and fecundity.

The walnuts start ripening in September and are harvested in the following weeks: they are a sure delicacy on Christmas time.

Sorrento walnuts are highly appreciated by chefs and pastry chefs for their organoleptic properties and for the preparation of different kind of sauces, desserts and cakes, as well as to intensify the taste of some cheeses.

In particular, Sorrento walnuts are famous for the preparation of “Nocillo: a liqueur with intense and aromatic taste whose digestive properties make it perfect to conclude a rich dinner on cold winter evenings.