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The “carillon” collection of Enrico Salierno

1 January 2022 31 December 2024

The second floor of Villa Fiorentino is proud to host the permanent exhibition of old music boxes gifted by the ebanist Enrico Salierno to Sorrento and its citizens.

Enrico Salierno was a fellow-citizen, coming from the historical centre, who in the 60s/70s following or preceding many Sorrento people, inlayer and cabinetmakers, moved to USA to trade our typical product (boxes, trolleys, paintings, the gaming tables, etc..) on which the inlay was stuck, artistic and manual expression belonging to our culture and classic tradition, within a work cycle, in which the assembling of carillon was planned.

Enrico was successful and more or less yearly he came to Sorrento, together with his wife, for the pleasure of having fun with his colleagues, friends, relatives and maybe prepare orders to get to his work-shop in Los Angeles.

When he finished his working cycle (at the beginning of 2000) Enrico expressed the will to testify, in a tangible way, his attachment to the roots giving the city and Sorrento craftsmen, the part of his heritage that most bound him to the world from which he came: a very rare collection of “carillon” collected over the years, mounted on furniture, some of which are not from Sorrento and others made by our craftsmen.

He delegated his forever friend Mario Cimmino to complete the operation, not entirely simple.

This will expressed by Enrico several times, after his death, was possible thanks to his wife and thanks also to the co-operation between the Town hall of Sorrento and the Union of Artisans Sorrento Inlaying, that together made possible, through an extremely complex bureaucratic procedure, to carry the works donated from Los Angeles to Sorrento.

Enrico had asked for a permanent place where these works could be kept and exhibited: where if not at Villa Fiorentino?

The Sorrento Foundation is proud to communicate the opening of the place dedicated to the Salierno Collection.

The name of this space is “Enrico Salierno, a craftsman from Sorrento”.