The small “MAM” in Villa Fiorentino

The small MAM, Museum of Arts and Professions, was born thanks to the cooperation between Fondazione Sorrento and Sorrento Coast Experience, an association of touristic promotion.

It’s a real project to increase the value of the ancient professions and the authentic handicrafts of Sorrento Peninsula.

It is located in the garden behind Villa Fiorentino, on the first floor of the ancient farmhouse, that is the farmer’s house.

The latter, together with Fiorentino family, had to preserve and guarantee the production of the villa.

After walking through the wonderful camellia garden, you get in the plantations area. Most of the trees are oranges, walnuts, lemons and medlars, typical of Sorrento landscape.

The rooms of the museum

Then, here there are the different rooms of the museum: it has a first outdoor space with a cart and farming tools on the left.

Next to it there is the wood oven, visible in its original aspect, a bathroom and the following room for storing wine in barrels.

The producing room

The following rooms are also considerable, real showcases for the handicraft production of Sorrento.

First of all, “the producing room” which, in cooperation with local companies, hosts a fitting of typical products such as limoncello, walnuts and honey, symbols of Sorrento culinary art.

In fact, still today, culinary art and handicrafts are the emblem and the driving force of the town, known for the inlays, the scent of citrus fruits and for local delicacies.

The artists room

The second is “the artists room” where their works are exhibited, including ceramics and jewels. The fabrics are also exceptional, born as the result of daily demands, such as the linen of “Positano fashion” coming from the material used for the boat sails.

So, the work really becomes custom-made art, transforming the fibre into clothes that are appreciated all over the world for their uniqueness.

Villa Fiorentino and the Fondazione Sorrento welcome this treasure of Sorrento handicraft which, in all its authenticity, allows the guest to lose himself in the past while remaining in the present.

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