Sorrento Ceramics

Although there are not past tradition roots about majolica production, typical of the nearby Amalfi coast, Sorrento Peninsula widespread the fine art of ceramics in the last decades.

In fact, even if for a short time, the Sirens land has hosted a great number of shops exhibiting different kind of artistic ceramics, shapes and colours, inspired not only by the Salerno school but showing original objects.

Near the artisan workshops of Sorrento, that hand continually down the noble wooden inlay
art and create extraordinary wooden products, there are also shops that exhibit different kind of ceramics.

Bottles, jugs, oil bottles, vases, bowls, mugs, basins, tureens, plates, umbrella stands as well as vases, oil lamps, tiles with panoramic scenes or profane themes, embellished with lots of colours and shades, ranging from the countless blue and green shades, orange, red until “brown” yellow whose beauty can be hardly explained.

The themes illustrated are also wonderful , making these products rare and of an exceptional beauty.

Among them it’s possible to admire floral motifs alternate with “zoomorphic” themes which recall mythical figures of dragons, birds, marine animals.

The representation of new pictures is as good as the copy of drawings able to make the ancient subjects still current: they made the pottery from Vietri, Amalfi and the nearby countries famous.

All inspired by standards of beauty able to explain in the most evocative way a beauty combined with that of the landscapes of the Sirens Land.