Nocillo is produced by using the famous walnuts of Sorrento: it is a digestive liqueur with a dark colour, characterized by a fair alcohol content (about 30°) and by a real unique taste.

Its preparation follows a tradition that provides very meticulous times and procedures.

In fact, in order to get a high-quality product, only walnuts rigorously harvested before S.Giovanni Feast are used, according to centuries-old traditions.

The freshly harvested green walnuts (including hull) are left to macerate in alcohol for six weeks, inside well-stoppered jars and exposed to sun. Later, the contents are filtered and mixed, cold, to a syrup made up of distilled water, sugar and cinnamon.

Only after this step the liquid will be bottled and stored in a cool place for other sixty days, after which it can finally be served at room temperature. Nocillo is up to now only following specific preparation procedures, preserving flavours able to satisfy lovers of daring tastes.

It has unique tastes, such as the ones of “fragolino” (liqueur with a strong taste of berries), “finocchietto” (liqueur made using wild fennel) or the most famous “limoncello”, produced using the famous Sorrento lemons.