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Sorrento Lemons

Sorrento lemon, the yellow gold of Campania region, is certainly one of the most famous symbols of the Sirens land.

Although belonging to the type of “Citrus Lemon” (common lemon), the plant grown in Sorrento Peninsula and Capri is a “unicum”, so much so that it awarded the IGP denomination, that is Protected Geographical Denomination.

Sorrento lemon, also called “Ovale di Sorrento” or “Limone Masseseis oval in shape and stands out for its very exciting smell, for the vivid yellow of the thick peel (rich in essential oils) and for its fresh and very juicy pulp.

The quality indicators of “Sorrento Lemon IGP” stand out above all for the ancient production methods still connected with the plantation of the trees under the famous “pagliarelle”, that is cane structures placed on support poles of chestnut to cover the foliage of the trees, in order to protect them from cold and wind.

This method slows the maturation of the fruits, which is one of the main elements of this production.

These peculiar properties make “Sorrento lemon IGP” a product of excellence both for the citrus fruit trade and for cooking: firstly, for the production of “limoncello”, the famous infusion of lemon peels immersed in pure alcohol, which had really its global consecration in the Sirens Land.