foto di Salvatore De Stefano©

The “Tarantella” of Sorrento

The Tarantella is considered the most famous folk dance in the world, able to stir emotions of an indescribable joy, almost as you were lost in a magical atmosphere.

The festive music combined with this dance, the elegant moves and the gaudy colours of their dresses are a real ode to joy and an expression of love for life.

That’s why we can consider the Tarantella not only as a wonderful folk manifestation, but also the calling card of Sorrento Coast.

foto di Salvatore De Stefano©

Born as a folk dance, over the years the Tarantella has changed into a real tourist attraction, generating interest in the many guests who visit Sorrento.

Through this new vocation, it’s possible to see special shows with extraordinary choreographies and scenic designs, reproducing the landscapes of the ancient Sorrento.

There is no certainty about its real origins, but, according to a story, the Tarantella was born in the Sirens Land: in fact, its sensual graces would have helped the sirens to bewitch Ulysses.

But this dance would have caused the anger of the Graces, who punished them transforming their legs into fishtails, thus creating the mythological characters we all know today.