The Statue of Dead Christ in Sorrento

The black procession of Holy Friday, organized by the members of the Archconfraternity of Death, is one of the oldest popular traditions of Sorrento and peninsula.

Like every tradition, whose origins are lost in centuries, this is very evocative for its stories and meanings handed down by local families.

Among them, one in particular concerns the precious wooden statue of Dead Christ carried in procession on the evening of Holy Friday, venerated by all Sorrento people.

The exact date of execution and the author of this artwork are unknown.


Between story and reality

According to an ancient story, the statue was engraved by a knight, who asked refuge the brothers of S.Catello church.

The noble carved the statue to maintain a vow once his innocence was admitted.

But, reconstructing the story, it is thought that people confused the legend with an event really happened in Sorrento to the famous artist Nicola Vaccaro.

He embellished the church of S.Catello with important statues to thank the brothers who gave him refuge in 1648.