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Villa Fiorentino today

The whole complex of Villa Fiorentino, today, is a green space in the centre of Sorrento to be enjoyed all year!

It features a playground stocked for children, the citrus grove, the rose garden, the camellia trees, and a Mediterranean herbal.

The farmhouse over 150 years old, as well as the inside structure of the viceroy walls, testify the splendour of the ancient Sorrento.

Villa Fiorentino is a reference point for the town with an info point open all year.

It is appropriated for cultural and artistic festivals organized in all seasons with a full program of events that connects identity and internationality.

Moreover, in summer, Villa Fiorentino is the ideal place to perform entertainment events thanks to its duly stocked open spaces where music, theatre and cabaret shows alternate; every kind of conferences, meetings and promotional events.