come arrivare a Villa Fiorentino- Sorrento

How to reach Villa Fiorentino – Sorrento

The beautiful and majestic Villa Fiorentino attracts lots of visitors and local people at any time of the year, who seem to be happy taking a simple photo, as if they were intimidated by its colossal aspect.

But why restrict yourself to a photo without getting in? Inside it there is much more to discover: let be guided by art, nature and culture that will take you in the wonderful setting of Villa Fiorentino!

If you are planning to visit Sorrento it is a must-see and it will not certainly go unnoticed.

The Villa stands out for its beauty among all the houses of Sorrento: it is located on Corso Italia 53, few meters from the Cathedral of the Saints Filippo and Giacomo.

Here are some suggestions on how to reach Villa Fiorentino:

Arriving by train

From the Circumvesuviana train station of Sorrento: once you get off from Sorrento station, go down the stairs that youโ€™ll find just in front of you, then walk for Via Ernesto De Curtis.

At its end, turn left and walk along Corso Italia for 300 meters. Once you arrive in Tasso
Square, keeping the left, go straight on along Corso Italia.

After about 400 meters, you will find Villa Fiorentino on the left.

Arriving by boat

From the port Marina Piccola: once arrived at the port of Sorrento, take the right and turn left onto Via Luigi De Maio.

In the small square, go up the stairs on the right and, after crossing the street, take the other flight of stairs.

Walk on the left for 250 meters along Via Luigi De Maio and take the flight of stairs that you will find in front of you.

Once in Tasso Square, take Corso Italia on the right and walk for 400 meters: on the left you will find Villa Fiorentino.

Arriving by bus

By EAV bus: once reached Via degli Aranci 12 stop (next to Sorrento Hospital), go straight on and at the end of the street turn right continuing for 130 meters on Corso Italia: on the right you will find Villa Fiorentino.

Or: once reached Via degli Aranci 55 stop, walk for 550 meters keeping the right. At its end you will find the arch of the Sorrento Ancient Walls, take Via Antonino Sersale and at its end turn left.

Continue for 130 meters on Corso Italia: you will find Villa Fiorentino
on the left.

Arriving by car

By car: once arrived in Sorrento you can park your car in the Parking Stinga (Via degli Aranci 25) or Parking Ulysse (Via del Mare).

For big buses the Achille Lauro Parking (Correale) is recommended.

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