foto di Salvatore de Stefano©

The Farmhouse

In the large citrus grove behind the Villa, there is the farmhouse that had its guardian until the early 2000’s .

Since the Fiorentino spouses bought the land to build their home, the farmhouse was in the land use register of 1880.

Originally, the building had only the ground floor with the rooms for the guardian and his family; two stables for the animals, the cooper, the millstone and the oven.

Over time the upper floor was built and more improvements were made to the whole building after the construction of the main Villa.

The charm of the farmhouse dues to the presence of frescoes all along the upper perimeter wall whose origins are still mysterious, as well as the theme and the authors of the paintings.

It’s thought that the Fiorentino spouses loved art and beauty and so they appointed to make the plaster less anonymous, embellishing it with wall ornaments, still visible today.