Edgardo Curcio – Section 1: Echoes of the Secession

In Naples between 19th and 20th century which has been defined as the belle รฉpoque, besides old-timer resurgences, there are great success of innovation, sincere requests of transformation, youthful impulses to rebellion such as to place the Neapolitan city in line with the most modern European metropolises.

Naples placed at the avantgarde in the advertising communication sector with posters, in that of entertainment and also in the field of figurative arts with the futurists on one side and on the other with a large group of young artists on less extremist positions, but equally innovative, closer to Post-Impressionism and the Vienna Secession.

They are the young people who started the so-called “Secession of the Twenty-three”, who organized a first exhibition in the Neapolitan city in 1909 and subsequently other exhibitions until at least 1921.

Probably these young people trained at the Free School of Giuseppe Boschetto.