Edgardo Curcio – Section 2: Some masterpieces

This collection shows the extraordinary quality of Curcio. Since its youthful production, he has examined the female universe across the board.

There are few male protagonists depicted, while women dominate with their seductive and mysterious air.

He often represents the women of his heartfelt family, other times the models or family friends.

Except for some portraits, created expressly to recall the features of the person depicted, we often find idealized or rather transfigured physiognomies, up to the erasure of some distinctive features such as the eyes.

Pure painting, obsessive search for the most precious colour, exaltation of decoration, literary dimension: it was the perfect convergence of the poetics of two different painters, but equally loved by Curcio, Gustav Klimt and Maurice Denis.

Both, not surprisingly, are great lovers and investigators of the female universe.

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