Edgardo Curcio – Section 7: Life on holiday. The nudes. The nocturnes

The holiday resorts and houses, especially in Torre del Greco and Castellammare, are among Curcio’s favourite subjects, especially in the last years of his artistic career.

We find scenes in the garden where the space is sometimes explored through the geometric play of the deck chairs, or solitary places of the house, with windows overlooking the vegetation to capture suggestive backlighting effects.

The semi-darkness caused by the backlight gives Curcio the possibility of investigating a series of luminist details.

The trend to study the shadow in order to understand the modulations of light recurs very much in the last period, when Curcio decides to devote himself to nocturnes.

The portrayals at night represent a challenge to the very tradition of the modern,which derives from Impressionism.

More appreciated by the public are the nude scenes based on a sort of homely eroticism that is not at all vulgar.

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