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In Villa Fiorentino “Anima Mundi / Shot in time” exhibition by Koen Lauwert

25 March 2023 30 April 2023

Koen Lauwert has chosen this title as a “ common denominator” that connects about twenty photographic works he intends to exhibit in Villa Fiorentino in Sorrento from 25 March to 30 April 2023.

As a street photographer, Koen has a nomadic vision of life which pushes him to capture that unique “ genius loci” in every part of the world  connecting it to a whole, as in a puzzle.

These works seep empathy recalling the “syn-patheia” of the Stoics, which unifies the human and the supernatural sphere.

In his works, Koen approaches portraits, landscapes, architectures with graceful sensitivity, capturing those important primary elements of “water, earth, fire and air” in the ancestral pictures of skies, sea and rivers, as well as the furnace fire suggested by the freshly baked bread, which becomes a community element.

In his recent exhibition “Shot in time” the pictures of Southern Italy, as well as those of Japan, Greece and others collected during his many travels show the space-time as the only possible dimension to introduce that  material that a “demiurge” shaped, because this eternal moment is sacred.

His global landscape has not a homologous vision of globalization, viceversa he makes it unique, part of the whole by capturing the moment in the space-time through the magic of art.

His is a microcosm telling of the macrocosm in a game of mirrors and continuous references.

The compositional and sometimes abstract power of pictures has an ancient wisdom, which is firmly anchored to  the history of painting.

Furthermore, the use of chiaro-scuro and the eloquent use of the colour attracts the eye with great intensity.

To know more about the artist: http://www.koenlphotographies.com/

Anima Mundi Koen Lauwaert mostrA villa fiorentino sorrento 2023