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Collection Enrico Salierno

Collezione Enrico Salierno

Enrico Salierno was a fellow-citizen, coming from the historical centre , who in the 60s/70s following or preceding many Sorrento people, inlayer and cabinetmakers, moved to America to trade our typical product ( boxes, trolleys, paintings, the gaming tables, etc..) on which the inlay was stuck, artistic and manual expression belonging to our culture and classic tradition, within a work cycle, in which the assembling of carillon was planned.

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All right reserved - photos Salvatore De Stefano


Contemporary art in Sorrento with the SyArt Festival.

SyArt Sorrento Festival, an exhibition dedicated to the world of contemporary art, while preserving the principles and substantial intentions of the beginning, in this edition opens up to new possible dialogues. In_dialogue in fact is the main theme of the third edition of SyArt Sorrento Festival which from 11 May to 9 June presents artists from eleven different countries in a group exhibition: Italy, United States, Australia, Germany, Serbia, Spain, Cuba, Lebanon Israel, Egypt and France. A theme that links the ten exhibition rooms Main Room Pop Art, Neo-pop, Spatialism, Figurative (with two halls), Informal, Abstract-geometric, Oneiric, Conceptual photography Solo Room Julia Krahn, Solo Room Lello Masucci. Once again this year Rossella Savarese, curator and gallery owner who followed the previous edition. The design intention is to create a dialogue that is grafted thanks to a message sent by artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Indiana, Keith Haring and Roy Lichtenstein, undisputed international representatives of POP ART present in the Main Room Pop Art. Message that , decoded and remodeled, finds new expressions in the works exhibited in the Neo-Pop room and continues, animating itself within the exhibition path in which Painting, Sculpture, Installation, Photography are told with more than a hundred works. In the Solo Room last year, a second one is added, this year assigned respectively to the German-born artist Julia Krahn and the artist Lello Masucci, whose 1988 historical work "Sacks of Neapolitan Nights" was recently acquired by the Museum MOTHER of Naples. Consistent female participation, with a clear desire to launch a warning on the presence of women in the art world. In_dialogue also the location, Villa Fiorentino, in coherence with a wide exhibition project that is being structured and realized in its spaces. And yet In_dialogue SyArt, whose Founder and Promoter Leone Cappiello, continues to support and believe in the meaning of "young" as a new meaning, a commitment to young talents but that expands and grows, becoming SyArt Sorrento Festival, where the artists historicized represent support and fertile humus for creatives who try to structure themselves and present themselves in the contemporary sector. And it is precisely in the spirit of encouragement to young people and the circulation of fresh ideas in the artistic debate that Arbiter, monthly of male pleasures and virtues, supports the initiative, offering one of the most deserving talents the Fata Verde Award with the realization by end of this year of a cover dedicated to the topic addressed in the magazine. The didactic courses curated by Simona Schiazzano are confirmed, through the realization of several educational projects. The Sorrento students welcome visitors by acting as stewards and hostesses, an experiment approved with enthusiasm in the previous edition. Among the collateral events, the installation of the work by the Israeli-American artist Dalya Luttwak, Global Warning: The First Tropical Mangrove in Venice commissioned on the occasion of the sixteenth edition of the Architecture Biennale of Venice 2018. The sculpture, previously installed at the Garden della Marinaressa and representing the complex system of roots of a mangrove tree welcomes visitors at the entrance of Villa Fiorentino. Also by Luttwak "Ivy Ivy" sculpture of 11 meters high installed as a site-specific project in Via San Francesco, 25. Thanks to Ulysse Nardin you will be able to admire the tables of Milo Manara that tell of the sapphic love between Nadia and Ulyssa mermaid. Presented at the Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie in Geneva, one of the models from the Le Locle factory will be on display during the Festival. During the Vernissage visitors will be welcomed by a Ford Transit model with exclusive wrapping by the artist Monk and the Mustang #FightTheDarkness, the hero car created by Ford Italia in collaboration with the famous cartoonist Fabrizio De Tommaso; and yet an art motorcycle helmet made by a Neapolitan company thanks to the creative flair of Anna Font Spanish artist on show. The curtain will close with the projection of a Video Mapping in 3D Contemporary Art in Motion on the façade of the Villa by Enrico Agresta and Francesco Cuomo.
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SyArt Sorrento Festival 11 May - 9 June Florentine Villa, Sorrento Foundation
Vernissage May 11th 7.00 pm Opening times Mon-Fri 10.00 am - 1.00 pm / 4.00 pm - 8.00 pm Sat-Sun and Holidays until 9.00 pm Corso Italia entrance, 53 Sorrento (Na) Useful numbers Sorrento Foundation +39 0818782284 SyART Space +39 3332882217
All right reserved - photos Salvatore De Stefano
All right reserved - photos Salvatore De Stefano
All right reserved - photos Salvatore De Stefano
All right reserved - photos Salvatore De Stefano
 All right reserved - photos Salvatore De Stefano
All right reserved - photos Salvatore De Stefano

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