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Kumano is a town in central Japan that has a strong and consolidated bond with Italy, in particular with the city of Sorrento with which it has been twinned since 2001.
Two realities, that even if geographically distant, have points of contact that bring them closer: a florid and generous nature together with an enchanting view on the sea, an abundant production of citrus fruits, ancient traditions, a millenary history and certainly the towns share a strong spirit of hospitality and kindness.
Villa Fiorentino will host three photographic exhibitions.
"At the roots of spirituality: Kumano" aims to not only further tighten intercultural ties with Sorrento but to make Kumano, a pearl of beauty and spirituality, known in its own small way. To this end, a photo contest was opened in which the inhabitants of the town were invited to tell one of the traits that most distinguishes Kumano through its photographic language: its spirituality.
The other exhibit on display will be that of the photographer Jun Kikai from Kyoto who prefers the subject MAIKO GIRL; and finally the LIGHTS OF JAPAN exhibition, with works by the Tuscan photographer Andrea Lippi, which collects some of the most interesting shots taken in the two journeys made by the artist in Japan.
Other rooms of the villa will instead be dedicated to the exhibition of artistic paintings and handicrafts entitled NEO JAPANISM, which will see over 50 works exhibited in the presence of 43 contemporary Japanese artists, curated by Hamada Chiaki.
Furthermore, Masanori Aoyagi will communicate about the studies carried out by the University of Tokyo in the Villa Augusto in Somma Vesuviana.
In short, a dip to discover the beauties of the Rising Sun in the splendid scenery of Villa Fiorentino.
OPENING Friday, October 25th at 4.30 p.m., open to the public on the 26th and 27th from 10 am to 1pm and from 4pm to 8pm, free admission.

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