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Collection Enrico Salierno

Collezione Enrico Salierno

Enrico Salierno was a fellow-citizen, coming from the historical centre , who in the 60s/70s following or preceding many Sorrento people, inlayer and cabinetmakers, moved to America to trade our typical product ( boxes, trolleys, paintings, the gaming tables, etc..) on which the inlay was stuck, artistic and manual expression belonging to our culture and classic tradition, within a work cycle, in which the assembling of carillon was planned.

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Villa Fiorentino, hosts the exhibition of the artist Yuri Kalyuta of St. Petersburg, entitled "Kalyuta³ - All' infinito".

Kalyuta one of the most unique and talented contemporary Russian painters, awarded the title of "Honorary Artist of Russia", is an academic and titular professor of painting at the State Academy of the Arts in St. Petersburg. He is a great artist, a biblical painter in the sense that in his compositions he lives allegory, a parable in his visual way. He is aware of the peculiarity of his art and his personality and shows us that all the new "has already been in the past centuries, before us".

His works, of great emotional impact, have been exhibited in numerous museums and are part of the prestigious collections of the same, such as in Moscow, St. Petersburg, Hamburg, Berlin, Beijing, Shanghai. His first exhibition in Italy was at the Complesso del Vittoriano in Rome with the great exhibition "Rosso su rosso" and at the Pinacoteca Albertina in Turin with the exhibition "The artist and the model" and now for the first time one of his show in Sorrento.

"It is not by chance that I chose Sorrento to realize the exhibition of Yuri but it is the will and the quest to resume that cultural process that since the birth of the Academy of Arts of Russia has been handed down through the centuries, through the wanderings of many important artists Russians in this territory, describing and illustrating Sorrento through their works, one for all Silvester Scedrin who brought the image of Sorrento to Russia making famous the city and this territory. Presenting the work of Kalyuta in this context is a strong reference to those times and memories, to the traditions of the school of classical painting dating back to the Imperial Academy of Arts of Russia but born from the Italian school and handed down until today, in forms and ways still valid and new but it is also to discover the pleasure of returning to admire a contemporary work of art that transmits emotions, as when immersed in museums to contemplate the works of the great masters of the past. Enzo Fornaro ".

In the art of Yuri Kalyuta combines the academic tradition and the bright and contrasting color combinations that give his paintings strong and decisive tones through the instinctive brushstroke and the emotional use of color. Its narrative principles are full of meanings, and they investigate the psychological aspects of the figures represented, with a preference for portraiture. In particular, like Picasso and Matisse, he was inspired by the most ancient of the artistic themes, that of the figure, of the model, the inspiring muse, the dominant theme of many of his works. No less important is the other aspect that is found in the works of Kalyuta, his interest in family affections, life for him and his family, as a single entity, a space permeated by love.
In his creative process, the artist gives great importance to the representation of chance and reality through rapid brushstrokes that show how skilled he is to use the tiny impressions as the whole, with combinations of points, blocks and planes. The rigorous structure of the design and the harmonious relationships between the colors make his works very vivid. Experts claim that Kalyuta is a master of painting, which has found its way into art.
Vittorio Sgarbi in his essay dedicated to the great exhibition of Kalyuta, held at the Complesso del Vittoriano, says in a passage of the same: "If there is a serenity, in Kalyuta, it is in the supreme moment of the attainment of the intuition, in the suspension from the contingency time with which he translates the perception into an artistic invention, entrusting to the chromatic touch, the more effective the more he longs for the continuity of the ultrafisico absolute - the red, the black - and detaches himself from the pitfalls of figurative detail, as he called Matisse, the ability to derive from the very pure distilled bodies and things of life, isolating them for a moment from a world of which, however, painting seeks to amplify the effects. In this way, Kalyuta tells us, we get to feel the feeling of beauty, able to redeem the world ".
The Russian paintings have always emphasized the tradition of the description, moreover Kalyuta has been nourished by the Chinese aesthetic research, by its pleasant and symbolic language, which is found in the details of certain interiors and attention to detail. Alongside this, the ability to capture the atmosphere of a place distinguishes the landscapes painted by the artist, who devotes particular attention to Italian art cities.

The exhibition is on show from October 27th to end on November 18th, 10am - 1pm and 4pm - 7.30pm, free admission.


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