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Fondazione Sorrento

Fondazione Sorrento stays in Villa Fiorentino and works hard for the development of all the cultural events of the town and, in general, of all Sorrento Peninsula.

It devotes itself to the exploitation and the promotion of the rich and unparalleled traditional, historical, artistic and Eno gastronomic heritage well-established in the area.

Thanks to the spaces offered by the villa, in fact, the Fondazione organizes exhibitions, events and cultural initiatives aiming to promote Sorrento and peninsula in Italy and all over the world.

This institution, launched by the Town Hall management and presided by the Ship Owner Gianluigi Aponte, works supported by an enthusiastic team aiming at tourism of excellence and letting as many people know the beauty of the area without stopping to the usual stereotypes.

Managing Director: Alfonso Iaccarino

General information and contacts
Tel. +39 081 8782284
Fax +39 081 8773380