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Villa Fiorentino, home of the Fondazione Sorrento, with its recently restored park and citrus grove of about 6,000 square meters, is a location for the celebration of civil marriages, offering great opportunities to make life to those who will choose to pronounce the fateful "yes" in a rural setting located in the center of the city.

Rates for year 2018

For resident in Sorrento (even one only):
- no amount in case of wedding celebrated in the morning of Monday, Wednesday and Friday as well as on the whole Tuesday and Thursday;
- Euro 250,00 for wedding celebrations in the afternoon of Monday, Wednesday and Friday;
- EUR 350.00 for wedding celebrations on Saturdays;

No Resident  (Italian and Foreign):
- Euro 600,00 in the case of a wedding celebrated on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, as well as on the whole Tuesday and Thursday;
- EUR 800.00 for a wedding celebrated in the afternoon of Monday, Wednesday and Friday;
- Euro 1.000,00 in the case of a wedding celebrated on Saturdays
Before going to the wedding ceremony, it is necessary to carry out the marriage publications.

If Italian citizen: a valid identity document.
If a foreign citizen is a valid passport, permit to admission issued by the Consulate or Embassy of his / her State in Italy, clearly specified: surname and name, place and date of birth, paternity and maternity, residence, citizenship and civil status.
The signature on permit must be legalized at the Prefecture, except for the countries that are members of the Hague Convention. (5/10/1961)
For the citizens of the countries acceding to the Munich Convention, 5/9/1980, certificate of matrimonial capacity.

phone number 081/5335254
Fax 081/8781043




The application for civil union must be submitted simultaneously and jointly by two persons of the same sex to the Civil Service Officer in a municipality of their choice.
The request, on paper, must be presented personally by both parties directly to the Civil Registrar after appointment. It is not possible to forward by post, fax, email / PEC or by proxy. In the event that one or both parties, by reason of illness or other proven impediment, are unable to travel to the municipality, the Civil Registrar must move to the place where the party (or parties) is prevented from receiving the 'instance. Clearly, the site must be within the municipal territory within the jurisdiction of the Office, otherwise the application must be requested by the relevant City Council.
The instance must indicate the choice of the couple's equity system (separation or merger of assets), and if you opt for a common surname; both of these indications must be reported on the minutes of the constitution of the civil union.
In the case of foreign nationals, they must submit a civil status release issued by the competent foreign authority (foreign consulate in Italy).
At the time of submitting the request, the Civil Registrar shall produce a record in which the date and time when the declaration of constitution of the civil union is to be made, indicating by the applicants. Such date shall not be less than 15 days before the date of submission of the request.
Within 15 days of the request, the Civilian Civilian Officer will carry out the checks provided for by the Applicant Claims Act and verify that there is no impediment to the union. Any adjustments and additions will have to be formally requested to the interested parties.
The Civil Society is set up in front of the civilian officer. If the parties concerned, or even one of them, did not appear in the day and time set for the declaration, all proceedings will be canceled and the declaration can not proceed unless a new procedure is initiated.
The declaration of constitution of the civil union must be made, at the due date and time, in the presence of two witnesses (one on the other hand, which must be communicated to the Civil Registrar in advance), and at the City Hall.

Who to contact and where to go:

Persons interested in the establishment of civil union in the Municipality of Sorrento can contact the Civil Status Office at the following address:

phone: 081 5335254

All rights reserved - photos Antonino Fattorusso
All rights reserved - photos Antonino Fattorusso
All rights reserved - photos Antonino Fattorusso
All rights reserved - photos Antonino Fattorusso
All rights reserved - photos Antonino Fattorusso
All rights reserved - photos Antonino Fattorusso

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