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Sorrento, land of mermaids but also of stars

Sorrento continues to confirm a tendency which has always brought it to excel both in the field of hospitality and accommodation and in the one of restaurants and gastronomy.
The very high quality of services and of the products offered by the facilities of Sorrento Coast, year after year, in fact, is confirmed precisely and effectively besides in popularity and satisfaction ratings by its guests, also by the ever-frequent references contained in the specialized market guidebooks.
Among the most influential ones, there is surely the historical guidebook the Michelin dedicates to Hotels and restaurants (also known, more simply, as “Guidebook Michelin”).
In consulting it, we can see that as well as for what happened in the last few years – the towns of Sorrento Coast are full of restaurants and hotels worthy of being taken into account and and assigned the so-called stars.
Twenty-two hotels and twelve restaurants located on the whole area of Massa Lubrense, Sorrento and Sant’Agnello have achieved the dignity of haunts with stars as being able to offer reasonsofattraction in any field.
In detail- right in 2009 – four hotels and six restaurants in Massa Lubrense (including Sant’ Agata), fifteen hotels and five  restaurants in Sorrento, three hotels and a restaurant in Sant’ Agnello have been signalled.
All this by considering only statistical aspects which get more and more prestigious if we take into account the fact that in the Guidebook Michelin there are four more hotels and three restaurants of Vico Equense.
Besides the mere numerical datum, nevertheless, the indications and data of the publication are verified and updated with the highest possible care, and the number of the restaurants and hotels in Sorrento Coast worthy of being particularly mentioned is growing significantly.



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