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Sorrento Classica 2018

The wonderful scenery of the Cloister of St. Francis opens the doors to great events and great music again, with the XI edition of "Sorrento Classica", the international summer music festival and masterclass of Sorrento, signed by the artistic direction of Maestro Paolo Scibilia . Leads the journalist, Giuliana Gargiulo.
The initiative, conceived and organized by the S.C.S. Concert company, in coproduction with AREALIVE and PDA artmedia, is part of the official program of events of the City of Sorrento "Sorrento meets - La luce dei Luoghi", directed by Mvula Sungani, promoted and supported by the Municipality of Sorrento - Ass. Events, in the person of the Mayor, Giuseppe Cuomo. The initiative is sponsored by the Municipality of Sorrento, the Campania Region, the Sorrento Sant'Agnello Autonomous Tourist and Residence Agency, and the Sorrento Foundation. Local businesses, businesses and tourism companies collaborate in the initiative.
From 20th July to 6th August 2018, well-known performers, characters and protagonists of the Classical Great Music (most of them "made in Italy", exclusive and preview for the South - Italy) will parade in this eleventh edition, reconfirming the high cut artistic, cultural and international festival, signed by the wise and usual artistic direction of M ° PAOLO SCIBILIA. Among the prestigious names of the kermesse are Uto Ughi, Michele Campanella, Andrea Bacchetti, Giacomo Ronchini, Viktoriya Koshuba, Ilie Ionescu, Lucia Di Sapio, Giovanni Oliva and Massimo Fargnoli.
Among the interesting and captivating didactic titles of programs, themes and retrospectives present in this edition, emerge: "Sorrento meets - La luce dei Luoghi", "Characters, performers and protagonists of the Great Classical Music", "Conversations with ...", "Notes of Europe", "Between Classicism and Romanticism", "Between German Baroque and French Romanticism", "One hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the death of Gioacchino Rossini", "Tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim", "Andorinha", "Stones & Flower" , "Quisquilie e Pinzillacchere" and "I Péchés de Vieillesse by Gioacchino Rossini".
Among the absolute novelties of this year, in parallel with the concerts, the four biographical retrospectives, titled "Incontri con .....", presided by the same performers of the festival: Uto Ughi (27 July, 8.30 pm, Hotel Continental, on his book "Quel Diavolo di un Trillo: Notes of my life" - Ed. Einaudi, conductor: Massimo Fargnoli - musicologist), Giacomo Ronchini (July 30, 6.00 pm, Maison Tofani, on his album, tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim, "Andorinha" and "Stones & Flower" - Ed. "Eco"), Michele Campanella (2 August, 6.00 pm, Hotel Continental, on his book "Quisquilie e Pinzillacchere Story of a Neapolitan musician told to a friend" - Edizioni Castelvecchi) , Massimo Fargnoli (6 August, 6.30 pm, Villa Fiorentino - Sorrento Foundation, on the book "I Péchés de Vieillesse by Gioacchino Rossini" - Guida Editori, on the 150th anniversary of the death of G. Rossini ": 1868 - 2018).
Another absolute novelty of this XI edition, the "Sorrento Classics International Summer Music Masterclass" section, articulated by seminars for the improvement of Cello, Piano, and rational Principles of piano technique, held by the well-known masters of the Campania area, Ilie Ionescu (already first cello of the Teatro S.Carlo di Napoli), Lucia Di Sapio (sole holder of the Harp Chair of the "S. Pietro a Majella" Music Conservatory of Naples), Rossella Palumbo and Paolo Scibilia (piano teachers, at the Lyceum State Musical "Margherita di Savoia" of Naples)
Six evening concerts at the Cloister of St. Francis (with the exception of the final one of 6 August, at the Church of St. Francis), all at 9.15 pm. Inauguration of the concert festival, July 20, almost in preview of the festival, THE CLASS OF VIOLONCELLO OF THE MASTER ILIE IONESCU (formerly the first cello of the Teatro San Carlo in Naples), composed of award-winning talents in prestigious international competitions, within the section "Sorrento Classical International Summer Music Masterclass". Program to be defined. Return on July 26, after 20 years of absence from the Sorrento scene the famous violinist UTO UGHI, (former artistic director of "Summer Musicale Sorrentina" in Duo with pianist ANDREA BACCHETTI, one of the greatest Italian pianists of the last generation. their last record production "Note d'Europa": Journey through seven different countries, through the music of Granados, Albeniz, Chopin, Tchaikovsky, Saint - Saens, Gounod, Mozart, Brahms (published by Sony Classica). the pianist GIACOMO RONCHINI, applauded and very active interpreter - composer in international career, with a tribute to Antonio Carlos Jobim, through a classic piano re - reading, in a new Cross - Over style, of the most famous Songs of one of the most important protagonists of the Brazilian music and inventor.


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