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Salve D’Espostito – Sorrento composer

Short biography of composer Salve D' Esposito, glory of the Sorrento Coast Many consider the song titled “Torna a Surriento” like a sort of “national anthem” of the Land of the Syrens but Salve D’Esposito has the title of standard bearer of the Sorrento song in the world. Creator of successful songs such as “Anema e core” (Soul and hearth), “Me so’ ‘mbriacato e sole” (Sun drunk), “N’ata canzone a Surriento” (Another song in Sorrento), Salve D’Esposito had the pleasure to listen his songs interpreted by tenors such as Beniamino Gigli, Tito Schipa, Giuseppe Di Stefano, Luciano Pavarotti and Andrea Bocelli besides many veritable stars of international music. Among these there are: Louis Amrstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Nat King Cole, Eidith Piag, Frank Sinatra and Perry Como. Born in Sorrento on August 9th 1903, the maestro was a versatile and flighty composer. His masterpiece (the song “Anema e core”) saw its birth with the artistic collaboration with Tito Manlio. The association between the two was born in a fortuitous way. D’ Esposito, indeed, until 1948 always respected the severity of classical music that inspired his formation. Then – precisely in the post-war period – the Maestro (who, at that time was busy with the Royal Academy) was invited by the Neapolitan actress Clelia Matania to perform in occasion of a reception where there was also the Neapolitan poet, Tito Manlio. Thanks to a perfect understanding, the two artists began immediately to work together, succeeding in giving birth to authentic masterpieces. The first one, chronologically, was “Me so’ ‘mbriacato ‘e sole” that immediately had a success that surpassed every good expectation, that it was translated in 82 different languages. Just a year later the triumph of “Anema e Core” began. To remember the famous composer son of the Land of the Sirens – on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of his death, occurred on January 2nd 1982 – recently, the council administration of Sorrento entitled the City Park to Salve D’ Esposito.

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