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Inside the exhibition "Open Holiday 2015" underline the following initiatives:

Friday, August 14
Antonello Rondi - Neapolitan Rhapsody
By Di Giacomo Carosone: a century of Neapolitan songs
Antonello Rondi, known and respected interpreter of the beautiful Neapolitan melody, presents for the year 2015 the show "Rhapsody Napoletana". Celebrating forty years of artistic activity, it seeks the 25 songs of the album recorded during the prolific path, some of them, such as:
The 'm'arricordo' and you, All pe 'me,' A door, Serenata Napoletana, Sora mine, dolls, etc., while belonging to the classical repertoire, are considered admirers his personal achievements.
Antonello will be joined by a singer with a melodious voice and a mime actor, the latter will play typical Neapolitan characters such as the 'Ngenzaro, Pulcinella and Pazziariello. Four talented musicians round out the cast. The show will come to the hearts of many tourists in the area and lovers of the genre Neapolitan, causing can glimpse the richness and depth of artistic and psychological integrity of a city, of a
On stage:
Antonello Rondi - Item
Carmen Viviani - Item
Bruno Vitale - Keyboards
Franco Malapena - Mandolin / Violin
Enzo Singing - Low
Emidio Ausiello - Percussion
Antonio Niola - Actor / Mimo

Monday, August 17
Flo - Love and other things irreversible tour 2015
Flo (Floriana Cangiano) is certainly one of the most eclectic and versatile among the new generation of Italian music. He toured with "Love and other things irreversible" his first album, his wonderful voice, the last year has been around in Europe with important experiences with musicians of the highest level. Numerous appearances at major music festivals (Villa Ada meets the world, Adriatic Mediterranean Festival, Spring Theatre Festival of Two Worlds, Naples Theatre Festival Italy, Time in Jazz, La nuit des fées, Calles Antiguas, Saarbrucken Festival) and so many awards (Award Musicultura 2014, Andrea Parodi Prize 2014 Award of the White Aponte 2014)
A concert full of meanings, emotions, codes to decipher, they have a sensitive and original vocalist who sings in at least four languages ​​and many dialects.
Floriana Cangiano - Item
Ernesto Nobili - Guitars
Marco Di Palo - Cello
Michael Maione - Percussion
Andrea De Fazio - Battery

Wednesday, August 19
Lino Volpe in Spassatiempo
Spassatiempo is a recital that traces some of the melodies, and rhythms that make the south Italy, a reference point, the music in the world.
Lino Volpe is a sensitive artist and visionary, able to entertain and surprise the audience.
is the author and interpreter of a repertoire that ties him to the glove THEATRE / SONG,
The show alternates classics of the Neapolitan song, monologues funny and irreverent, a flow of influences and traditions. For years she rereads and reinterprets the great repertoire of classic Neapolitan song, with particular attention to the repertoire of EAMario and Raffaele Viviani, gathering support in both theater and the public network, which has welcomed thousands of views and positive comments, his work .
During these years he has performed in prestigious theaters throughout Italy, from San Babila Milan, all 'Auditorium della Musica in Rome, passing by the main theaters of his city as the theater and the Teatro Cilea Acacia.
On stage:
Lino Volpe - Guitar and Voice
Franco Ponzo - Guitar
Sasa Piedepalumbo - Accordion
Emidio Ausiello - Percussion
Marco Di Palo - Cello

Thursday, Aug. 20
Author and projects VII. tribute concert dedicated to Franco Battiato "The ages of Franco Battiato"
Projects Author is an event, created in 2009, the Association Eta Beta (Association that operates in the Sorrento peninsula since 1995). The intent of this initiative is to organize, every year, one or more evenings dedicated to the main exponents of the history of song writing and musical movements of the leading Italian in 60 years, to deepen and spread the knowledge, proposing concerti- tributes to re-experience the main artistic phases of the various authors, through their interpretations of songs by many artists of the Sorrento peninsula. The authors proposed to date are: Fabrizio De Andrè, Rino Gaetano, Domenico Modugno, Luigi Tenco, Giorgio Gaber, Francesco De Gregori. The musical movements proposed were: Prog Italian 70s', the Napule's Power, characteristic of these shows is that the musical interludes alternate on stage projection of videos, interviews with guests, readings and papers for educational aspects and the most interesting anecdotes of the authors treated.
In the six editions so far made, musicians, singers, actors, performances breed of dance schools, guests, involving more than 150 artists of the Sorrento peninsula.

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