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The exhibition of the works by Marc Chagall hosted Villa Fiorentino closed the doors. Since mid-July, thousands of enthusiasts and even curious have stormed the splendid home of Sorrento Foundation Italy to admire the creations of the Franco-Belarusian artist. More than 14,000 people visited the halls hosting the exhibition titled "The Colors of the Soul", which will remain open until next Sunday, November 12th. Among the works of Chagall in Sorrento, 20 masterpieces made of various techniques, from oil on canvas to gouache on paper, ranged from colored pencil drawings to china masonite inks. As a compendium of this most important piece of pictorial works, three cycles of lithographs and etchings joined a total of 100 graphic works.
Although it is difficult to draw a ranking of relevance, the hub of the exhibition was undoubtedly represented by four large works that, chronologically, are:
"Cruche aux fleurs", oil on canvas dating from 1925, is an iconic work of the master's research on the floral themes that will accompany him throughout his life.
"Russian village", oil on canvas of 1929, a stingy tribute to the poetic memory and at the same time realistic of the native country of the author.
"Coq Violet" dating from 1966 to 1972, a mixed technique (oil, gouache and china ink on canvas) considered among the most representative works of Chagall's entire production in its full artistic maturity.
"The homme rouge à la casquette", dated 1976, is also a mixed technique, that is oil and gouache on canvas, in which they overlook and mix dear themes to the master like animal subjects, and subtle religious themes.
But the real surprise for the many people who over the years have crowded the rooms of Villa Fiorentino was the multimedia room on the second floor of the Italian course structure. Here some of the magnificent windows that Chagall has made for several churches are projected on the walls. Slinging the hand into the virtual frame, the stained glass windows are shattered and appear on the panoramic views of the Sorrento Coast.
The exhibition by Marc Chagall was made by the Fondazione Sorrento chaired by Gianluigi Aponte and directed by Gaetano Milano with the Commune led by Mayor Giuseppe Cuomo and in collaboration with the Imago Art Gallery of Lugano.
It should also be emphasized the role played by the students of the higher education institutions of Sorrento thanks to the project of alternating school-work. While the boys from the "San Paolo" polytechnic institute provided the service at the info point of Villa Fiorentino, students of the linguistic language of the "Salvemini" high school accompanied the visitors to the discovery of the exhibition on the Renaissance dedicated to Torquato Tasso , while their fellow scientists did as a guide

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