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Maestri in mostra V edizione

Sunday, January 11 ended the fifth edition of "Masters in the exhibition" The exhibition dedicated to the ancient art of Neapolitan crib, this year, given the temporary unavailability of Villa Fiorentino, was set up in the marquee square Veniero. A great success for the event that exceeded all attendance records of previous editions: guests who have visited the exhibition have been 43,380, over 35% more than last year, which had already recorded record numbers. These data confirm the growing appeal of the old customs levy.
Sorrento has certainly experienced a Christmas frame, with tourists and guests who have often recorded the sold out in town: this has contributed in an extraordinary way to confirm a positive trend, driven also by the program of initiatives "M'illumino winter" that characterizes the Christmas season in Sorrento and that "Masters on display" is the flagship.
But the great merit of this result is, above all, masters of exhibitors from all over Campania, who passionately created 47 small and large masterpieces fruit of a craft that increasingly becomes art.
A big thank you to all those who so with their works of art make the success of this event.
A success with the public, but also of criticism, as pointed out by hundreds of enthusiastic comments left on the book of signatures.
Meanwhile, Villa Fiorentino continues to work tirelessly on events scheduled in 2015. From March 6 to June 7 will host the exhibition "Twentieth Century Italian Painting, tradition and innovation." A great appointment with the art which will provide an overview of the movements of the last century: the historical avant-garde to Pop Art, the School of Piazza del Popolo to Surrealism to Abstraction, Conceptual Art without neglecting Expressionism and Spatialism. A real journey through the works of great artists including Carra, De Chirico, Bella, Sironi, Morandi, Schifano, Angeli, Boetti and De Dominicis. As from June 19 to October 4 there will be a retrospective exhibition dedicated to the master Arnaldo Pomodoro, the largest art event of 2015 involving over at Villa Fiorentino, the five main squares of the city of Sorrento.

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