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Dante's hell in the paradise of Sorrento

Eighteen marble panels in high relief, made by Master Benedict Robazza, will be on display in one of the most beautiful corners of the city from 25 April to 31 August with an inauguration which took place Friday, April 24, 2015. The Foundation Sorrento, in collaboration with the City, he wanted this extraordinary new appointment with the art: the panels, each 2x2,50 meters, will be positioned to offer guests the city's extraordinary interpretation of scenes of Dante's hell in front of the paradisiacal vision Gulf Naples that is admired by the incomparable stage that is the Villa Comunale of Sorrento. A clear choice to use a public place: the Sorrento Foundation, in fact, has been involved for years now, making the city a large gallery dedicated to copyright. Installations of Arnaldo Pomodoro in the major are the confirmation, after Dali and Picasso, the intuition of the Foundation Sorrento with its board of directors wants to compact, united, the traditional attractions of the city with great art accessible to all. Sun, sea and culture, therefore, more and more hand in hand to give guests the opportunity to enjoy an exceptional receipt in a unique environment, and the opportunity to admire works of art even just walking through the city streets.
And from this point of view, choosing the works of Benedict Robazza also signals special attention to events that have marked, mark and will mark the cultural history of our country. What better occasion to mark the anniversary of the birth of Dante Alighieri showing foreign guests the representations made by the artist of the most incisive scenes of his extraordinary literary work. It is certainly no coincidence that the marble panels of Benedict Robazza have already been very successful in several Chinese cities, Florence and Rome.
The expressive power of the master Robazza has already scored the globe with countless works placed in public spaces of great interest: from the monument to Giuseppe Garibaldi positioned in 18th Avenue in New York, that of Rudolph Valentino in Los Angeles; the bust of Ronald Reagan in the White House in Washington, the memorial of the genocide cambodian exposed to the building of UN headquarters; from the war memorial overseas shrine of Bari to the bust of General Della Chiesa exposed to the prefecture of Palermo. And many, many other works on display around the world.
Also very significant captions that accompany the individual panels dedicated to Dante's Inferno. We propose that the last song, almost an appointment to the next episodes.

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