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L'anima a colori - mostra convegno

When art allows you to overcome the handicap. Lorenzo Ludi is a 28 year old guy from La Spezia. It was born with a childhood cerebral palsy that has conditioned life in an irreducible way due to the serious motor deficits and language. For Lorenzo to do a small movement is also an almost impossible task, as well as uttering words. But his willpower is so enormous that he has been able to walk alone for a few years thanks to a special deam-bulator, while communicating with the world through a computer.
But the real turning point for his life came a couple of years ago, when a friend of his own artist provided him with tempers. Lorenzo began distributing the colors on the canvas creating wonderful works. That's how he discovered this new way of expressing himself and communicating with others. The story of Lorenzo and his artistic estrangement soon crossed the borders of Liguria, also thanks to the parents' struggles that stimulate him by helping him carry on his dreams. They also created the Harea onlus foundation to bring hope to those who live the same difficulties.
Lorenzo's story will be discussed on Friday, October 27, starting at 9.30 am, at Villa Fiorentino, headquarters of the Sorrento Foundation, on the occasion of the event entitled "The soul of color - art overcomes the discomfort" organized by the " Agape Association and the Delacato Study Center. The interventions of neurophysiopathologist Antonio Parisi, Lello Esposito, Amelia Focaccio, Anaphnia Agape, Nicola Caprio, President Csv Napoli, Gennaro Izzo, Professor of Social Services Organization at Federico II, Elena Carotenuto, Assistant social, Annamaria Santangelo, psycho-rapeseed and president L'Agape. Moderator of the Corriere della Sera, Nicola Saldutti. For the occasion, during the weekend, some of the work of Lorenzo Ludi will be displayed on the porch next to the garden of Villa Fiorentino, while the young man's father, Alessandro, will bring his experience.

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