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Sorrento's tomatoes

Among the local typical products of Sorrento, there are also delicious tomatoes which boast precious organoleptic characteristics and are suitable especially for exquisite salads.
Having precious organoleptic characteristics, being exquisite and numbered among the delicacies of Mediterranean cooking, Sorrento tomatoes are included in the qualified context of local typical products characterizing the particularly rich offer of Sorrento Coast.
Though not having ancient traditions – such as those concerning walnuts, citrus fruits and other products processed in Tasso’s hometown – these exquisite vegetables have conquered notoriety and met the favour of more and more consumers also thanks to a particularly palatable flavour.
Juicy and having an apparently “fleshy” pulp, with an extremely sweet and delicate flavour, Sorrento tomatoes are big and round shaped.
In cookery their taste is exalted if used raw for the preparation of salads (first of all the famous “caprese”, prepared with mozzarella cheese, olive oil and basil).
Actually, in Sorrento Coast the production of tomatoes goes back to relatively recent times.
According to some, in fact, it is a variety originated from the commercial exchanges which characterized the relationships between Sorrento Coast and America especially at the beginning of last century.
At the beginning of the Eighteenth century, in fact, some local entrepreneurs, engaged in sea trades, in exporting citrus fruits, walnuts and oils to the New Continent, gave life to a flourishing and much appreciated cultivation.
Being at first limited to the towns of the so-called area of the Colli (Hills) (between Sant’  Agnello and Piano di Sorrento), this production soon spread not only in the remaining part of Sorrento Coast, but it also concerned the areas surrounding Mt. Vesuvius.
According to experts, nevertheless, the climate, the environmental conditions and the quality of the soils of the Coast are fundamental to keep quality standards high.





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