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© Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso

Saturday, June 16, at 20, was opened in the center of Sorrento culture versatile for crafts. The rooms, located in Via degli Aranci, inside the Bastion of Parsano, host events and initiatives aimed at the revival of crafts, and especially of the inlay. The project, planned under the project Botteghiamo, is sponsored by the City of Sorrento Sorrentine marquetry and Craftsmen Union under the patronage of Proteus, a special company of Cciia of Naples and Sorrento Foundation. At the ribbon-cutting ceremony was attended by the mayor of Sorrento, Joseph Cuomo, the Councillor for Public Federico Gargiulo and the president of the Craft, Biagio Barile. "Botteghiamo is an invitation to experience the thrill of an unusual path between the artisans discovering their secrets - the organizers explain - was born from the need to preserve and pass on traditional crafts, a fundamental element in the history of our country and that is the basis part of our cultural identity. A path illustrative of artisan shops, rebuilt within the old Bastion of Parsano building which is a magnificent glimpse of the wall that surrounded the town and the heart of the city. "Visitors will find a first exhibition dedicated to products craft masters of marquetry, followed by craftsmen in full swing in their workshops that show the various stages of processing inlay. A true art form known all over the world to admire in the particularity of the work itself to the knowledge of a profession increasingly rare. Sorrento marquetry was born in the mid-1800s, picking up the tradition of the French school of carving and inlaying of Naples. spirit of initiative and ingenuity of several masters have enriched forms and techniques of 'Craft Sorrento. evolves so over the centuries, particularly so for the production of objects by writing, drawing on depictions of Herculaneum and Pompeii. From the first carved figures made in two colors, we moved quickly to polychrome inlays and all 'use of various types of wood. From there comes the short-Art School "Francesco Grandi" that has contributed to raising the artistic level and operational capacity of the inlay, forming the best minds in the industry. still the school' s art grows talents in the art: an exhibition space of the course is dedicated to the drawings and to design new solutions for the inlays by the students in collaboration with the teachers. "Unfortunately, today the industry is in crisis - explains the Mayor Cuomo - Of the 150 workshops eighties, including marquetry, cabinetmakers, polishers, today there are about forty. This project is therefore dedicated to them, in support of their continuity: a wealth of experience, technology and art that is part of our country and our culture. "" About two years after the inauguration of the walk on the ancient walls viceregal city, it is with great joy that we inaugurate the spaces below the Bastion of Parsano, which will allow access not only from Via Sersale but also from Via Of Oranges - says the commissioner Gargiulo - This initiative is framed in the restoration project of the walls of Sorrento which is a priority of this administration. The action movimenterà the next steps will be the continuation of the promenade in the direction of Villa Fiorentino that will allow a new access to the site also Villa handkerchiefs. "BASTIONE Parsano, VIA DEGLI ARANCI 22 - OPENING 10/13 - 17/20

© Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso
© Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso
© Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso
© Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso
© Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso
© Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso
© Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso
© Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso
© Tutti i diritti riservati - foto di Antonino Fattorusso

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