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Pottery articles in Sorrento: a nice novelty.

The Sorrento Coast registers the diffusion of an ancient craftsmanlike expression considered typical of the Amalfi Coast. Fantastic drawings and bright colours make these wonderful objects of art charming. Though not having traditions sinking their roots into an ancient past – in the field of the production of pottery articles– the Sorrento Coast, in the last decades, has registered the birth and the developing of a craftsmanlike typical expression, very common in the near Amalfi Coast. Though in the course of a short period of time, in fact, the Sorrento Coast itself has begun to house a greater and greater number of shops showing objects of art of various kinds, styles and colours, which not only draw their inspiration from the school which has made pottery in the Salerno area famous all over the world, but propose also elements of novelty and originality. Besides the Sorrento artisan shops, which keep on carrying forward and handing down the equally noble art of tarsia and producing wonderful wooden objects, there are the ones where bottles, jugs, vases for oil, bowls, tankards, basins, soup-tureens, dishes, umbrella-stands, flower-holders, oil-lamps, tiles with scenes of landscapes of profane subject are on show. Everything is embellished with a variety of colours and chromatic shades going from green to orange and from red to “dark” yellows whose beauty can be hardly understood just with words. Wonderful are also the represented subjects able to make these objects unique, considered by everyone extremely beautiful. Among these, we can appreciate decorative motives of a fanciful floral character which alternate with the representation of zoomorphic subjects reminding mythological figures with appearances which - at least partly- remind those of dragons, birds and sea animals. The representation of new images has nothing to envy to the reproduction of drawings able to make the ancient subjects still up-to-date, which have made the Vietri pottery, the Amalfi one and that of the neighbouring towns famous. Everything inspired to aesthetic canons able to interpret, in the most suggestive way, a beauty which mixes so well with that of the landscapes of the Sorrento Coast, to become a wonderful complement to it.

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